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General Organa's General Star Wars Link-O-Rama 2017 - Update #111

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SOLO - From BleedingCool:  There is a rumor that Disney is prepared for its young Han Solo movie, "Solo: A Star Wars Story," to bomb.

CARRIE FISHER - From ComicBook:  Billie Lourd shares a touching tribute to her mother, Carrie Fisher, who died a year ago today. #CarrieOnForever

A NEW HOPE - From YahooEntertainment:  There has been a death in the Star Wars family.  Alfie Curtis played the Mos Eisley cantina thug who threatens Luke Skywalker and promptly gets his hand lopped off by Obi-Wan Kenobi.  He died Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at the age of 87.

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - From io9:  Here is an article about what fans thought about Episode V.

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - From THR:  James Earl Jones did not believe that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father.

RETURN OF THE JEDI - From THR:  See a touching farewell scene between Luke Skywalker and Han Solo that was cut from the film.

WEIRD - From Nerdist:  There are indeed Star Wars sex toys.

FRANCHISE - From BleedingCool:  Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy would like to see Taika Waititi ("Thor: Ragnarok") director a Star Wars film.

COMICS - From Crunchyroll:  Yen Press has the first manga license in years and will publish the "Star Wars: Lost Stars" manga in May 2018.

CELEBRITY - From YahooGMA:  Mark Hamill surprises "Star Wars" fans at a Disneyland ride.

NEW TRILOGY - From THR:  Rian Johnson, the director of "The Last Jedi," create a new Star Wars trilogy set in an until now unexplored corner of the galaxy.  Johnson will write and direct at least the first film.

STREAMING - From THR:  A live-action Star Wars TV will help launch Disney's streaming service in 2019.  Neither the service nor the series have a title yet.

FRANCHISE - From ScreenRant:  Lucasfilm is planning the next decade of Star Wars films.

HAN/LEIA - From RollingStone:  Harrison Ford did finally speak a little on Carrie Fisher's claim of their affair during filming of the first Star Wars film.

THE FORCE AWAKENS - From RollingStone:  Mark Hamill was afraid to come back to Star Wars, but credits Harrison Ford for changing his mind.

OBIT - From THR:  Film costume designer, John Mollo, has died at the age of 86, Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  He won a Academy Award for designing the costumes for "Star Wars."  He shared a second Oscar for his work on "Gandhi."

BOOKS - From WeGotThisCovered:  New "Star Wars" novel, ""The Legends of Luke Skywalker," links Luke with the "Battle of Jakku."

THE FORCE AWAKENS - From BleedingCool:  Acclaimed director David Fincher says he turned down directing "The Force Awakens" because he was afraid of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

EPISODE IX - From CinemaBlend:  Star Wars 9 may tie into the prequel trilogy.

SOLO - From YahooEntertainment:  Ron Howard announces that the young Han Solo movie will is entitled, "Solo: A Star Wars Story."

EPISODE IX - From ScreenRant:  John Boyega expresses happiness that J.J. Abrams is returning to direct Star Wars 9.

EPISODE IX - From YahooEntertainment:  Domhnall Gleason (General Hux) is glad that J.J. Abrams is back to direct Episode 9.

SOLO - From BleedingCool:  Paul Bettany has wrapped up filming his part in "young Han Solo" movie.

EPISODE IX - From Variety:  The release date for "Star Wars Episode 9" has moved from May 24, 2019 to December 20, 2019.

EPISODE IX - From THR:  J.J. Abrams is the new director of Star Wars 9.  He will co-write the film with Chris Terrio, an Oscar-winning screenwriter for "Argo."

EPISODE IX - From  Lucasfilm boss, Kathleen Kennedy, sack Colin Trevorrow as director of Episode 9 because he was unbearable and difficult.

EPISODE IX - From TheWrap:  "The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson says that he is not directing "Star Wars Episode 9," in the wake of announced director Colin Treverrow's firing... at least for now.

EPISODE IX - From YahooEntertainment:  Colin Trevorrow supposedly chased off Star Wars 9 because he was "difficult."

SOLO - From ScreenRant:  For the "young Han Solo" film, Han Solo will have a new version of the Millennium Falcon.

EPISODE IX - From Deadline:  Not that Colin Trevorrow is no longer directing IX, could VIII's director, Rian Johnson, become IX's new director.

EPISODE IX - From Deadline:  Colin Trevorrow out as director of Star Wars Episode 9.

SOLO - From Variety:  Ron Howard announce that Paul Bettany has joined the "young Han Solo" movie.  Bettany previously worked with Howard on "A Beautiful Mind (2001)."

HAN SOLO - From Vulture:  Ron Howard shared a photo of Donald Glover with his Lando Calrissian mustache.

HAN SOLO - From TheWrap:  Because he was not available for reshoots, Michael K. Williams' character had to be cut from the "young Han Solo" film.

FILMS - From Variety:  Disney in early development of a stand-alone Obi-Wan Kenobi film, with Stephen Daldry ("Billy Elliot") in early talks to direct.

GEORGE LUCAS - From YahooNews:  George Lucas still offers advice on the new films.

HAN SOLO - From ScreenRant: Ron Howard shares a new set photo from "young Han Solo" movie.

A NEW HOPE - From YahooNews:  George Lucas says that Princess Leia received her Ph.D. at age 19.

HAN SOLO - From CBR:  Ron Howard hints that his brother, actor Clint Howard, will have a part in the "young  Han Solo" movie.

EPISODE IX/9 - From THR:  Star Wars Episode 9 is getting a new writer, Jack Thorne, who will work on the script written by Colin Trevorrow and his writing partner, Derek Connolly.

HAN SOLO - From YahooNews:  Emilia Clarke, whose role in the young Han Solo movie remains a mystery, teases the new Chewbacca.

DARTH VADER - From CinemaBlend:  Spencer Wilding, who currently wears the Darth Vader costume, is apparently currently filming another Star Wars film.

HAN SOLO - From YahooTV:  Warwick Davis will appear in the "young Han Solo" film, according to a tweet from director Ron Howard.

HAN SOLO - From ShadowandAct:  Ron Howard reveals glimpse of Donald Glover at young Lando.

HAN SOLO - From USAToday:  No one from the "young Han Solo" movie was at D23 Expo 2017.  Should we be worried about this film?

HAN SOLO - From Mashable:  Ron Howard teases Lando Calrissian's costumes.

HAN SOLO - From CinemaBlend:  Woody Harrelson thinks the "young Han Solo" movie is in good hands with Ron Howard directing.

HAN SOLO - From TMZ:  A set photo from the "young Han Solo" movie reveals a scene with Woody Harrelson.

From FlickeringMyth:  Will the "young Han Solo" debacle with its original directors teach Disney not to tread on Star Wars sacred ground?

CARRIE FISHER - From YahooMovies:  Carrie Fisher's only child, her daughter Billie Lourd, will inherit her late mother's estate.

ANIMATION - From USAToday:  Rey turns in animated shorts, "Star Wars: "Forces of Destiny."

CULTURE - From YahooMovies:  An R2-D2 droid that was using in several Star Wars movies was sold at auction for $2.76 million.

HAN SOLO - From WeGotThisCovered:  Disney CEO Bob Iger is confident that Han Solo movie will be alright.  Yes, because Ron Howard is directing it.

HAN SOLO - From Mashable:  With every new Han Solo revelation, Phil Lord and Chris Miller look like the problems and got themselves fired.

HAN SOLO - From Gizmodo:  Lucasfilm was so concerned about Alden Ehrenreich's performance as Han Solo that they hired an acting coach for him.

HAN SOLO - From THR:  In an exclusive breaking story, "The Hollywood Reporter" is reporting that Oscar-winning filmmaker, Ron Howard, will take over as director of the "young Han Solo" movie after the original directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, were fired.

HAN SOLO - From THR:  Golden boys, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, have quit as the directors of the "Young Han Solo" movie over creative differences.

From THR:  Why were Lord and Miller fired?  It seems the comedic tone they used in making the film clashed with what Lucasfilm and the "Han Solo" movie screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan, wanted.

From TheUKIndependent:  Maybe, the firing of Lord and Miller indicates that Disney and Lucasfilm are afraid of the future for Star Wars.

VIDEO GAMES - From YahooNews:  The upcoming video game, "Star Wars Battlefront 2" will give the "first official on-screen look" at the years between "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens."

CARRIE FISHER - From USMagazine:  Los Angeles County coroner's office says Fisher dies of combination of factors, including sleep apnea.

COMICS - From BusinessInsider:  Marvel Comics will tell the story of Captain Phasma in a new four-issue comic book series.

EPISODE 9 - From YahooNews:  Director Colin Trevorrow wants Star Wars Episode 9 to be kid-friendly...

RUMOR - From CNET:  Could director Edgar Wright ("Baby Drive," "Shaun of the Dead") be involved with Star Wars.

FRANCHISE - From NME:  The identity of the third stand alone anthology film will be revealed in June.  The first film was "Rogue One" and the second will be a "Young Han Solo" film due May 2018.

CARRIE FISHER:  From SideshowToys:  A look at Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia - then and now - on the 40th anniversary of the theatrical debut of Star Wars (May 25th 1977).

CARRIE FISHER - From Vulture:  Princess Leia would have been center stage in Episode 9.

DISNEY - From MiceChat:  The blog has updates on "Temporary Star Wars Land."

A NEW HOPE - From ComicBook:  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original theatrical release of the original Star Wars films, New Zealand Mint will release a commemorative silver coin.

CULTURE - From YahooMovies:  Kid wears Darth Vader costume to school on "Star Wars Celebration Day" (May 4th - as in May the Fourth/Force Be With You) and causes a panic, started by a "concerned parent."

CULTURE - From CNNHealth:  There is a hospital tech in Tennessee whose real name is "Darth Vader."

STAR WARS REBELS - From ScreenRant:  The Disney XD animated series, "Star Wars Rebels" is heading into its fourth and final season.  It may also tie into the recent live-action, "Rogue One."

CARRIE FISHER:  From THR:  George Lucas and Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher, offer tributes to the late actress and Star Wars icon.

From YouTube:  A Tribute to Carrie Fisher video.

From YouTube:  Carrie Fisher tribute at Star Wars Celebration 2017.

From YahooMovies:  A touching photo of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Billie Lourd (Carrie's daughter) - "It was almost as if we were cuddling our princess again."

From YahooMovies:  Lucasfilm boss says no Carrie in Episode IX.

A NEW HOPE - From Movieweb:  A big 40th anniversary announcement is coming tomorrow morning, Tues., April 11th, on "Good Morning America."

EPISODE IX - From NYDailyNews:  Carrie Fisher will appear in Star Wars Episode 9 (due for 2019), according to her brother, Todd Fisher.

HAN SOLO SPINOFF - From Variety:  "Sing Street" breakout star Ian Kenny joins "Young Han Solo" film.

FRANCHISE - From YahooMovies:   Disney CEO Bob Iger talks (vaguely) about the future of the franchise, including "The Last Jedi" and the "Han Solo" spinoff.

FRANCHISE - From CinemaBlend:  Future Star Wars films will move away from legacy characters and story elements.

A NEW HOPE - From Deadline:  This may be the very first photographic image of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

COMIC BOOKS - From YahooNews:  Marvel Comics is launching a new "Darth Vader" comic book series, which will be set immediately after the events depicted in "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith."

HAN SOLO - From Variety:  Michael K. Williams in final talks to join "Young Han Solo" film.

ORIGINAL TRILOGY - From SlashFilm:  The original cuts of the original Star Wars films may get a re-release or release for the 40th anniversary of the original theatrical release of Stars Wars, which is this year.

THEME PARKS - From FlickeringMyth:  Disney announces "Star Wars Land."

THE FORCE AWAKENS - From YahooNews:  Fans freak out over database saying that there is a connection between Kylo Ren and Rey.

HAN SOLO SPINOFF - From Variety:  Thandie Newton in talks to join the "Young Han Solo" spinoff movie.

HAN SOLO SPINOFF - From Variety:  Pheobe Waller-Bridge, hot off the Amazon series, "Fleabag," is being considered for a role in the Han Solo spinoff movie (which would be set before the event depicted in "Star Wars: A New Hope."  Reportedly, the role would be CGI-driven.

HAN SOLO SPINOFF - From THR:  Billy Dee Williams, the original Lando Calrissian, had lunch with Donald Glover, who will play the character in the "Young Han Solo" movie.

A NEW HOPE - From Forbes:  20 years ago, "Star Wars: Special Edition" arrived.

OBIT - From Variety: Sound engineer Richard Portman has died at the age of 82, Saturday, February 28, 2017.  He won an Oscar for his work on "The Deer Hunter."  He mixed the sound on "Star Wars."

EPISODES 8 AND 9- From CinemaBlend:  Should Lucasfilm reconsider its decision about a CGI Leia for Episode 9.

RETURN OF THE JEDI - From YahooMovies:  Mark Hamill reunited with the lightsaber prop he used in "Return of the Jedi."

HAN SOLO SPINOFF - From Deadline:  Donald Glover wants to live up to the expectations of playing Lando.

THE FORCE AWAKENS - From YahooNews:  Chewbacca yanks off an arm in deleted scene.

HAN SOLO SPINOFF - From StarWars:  It's official.  Woody Harrelson has signed on for the "Young Han Solo" movie due late 2018.

HAN SOLO SPINOFF - From Variety:  Oscar-nominated actor, Woody Harrelson, is being considered to play the mentor of the title character in the "Young Han Solo" movie.  Alden Ehrenreich has been cast as young Han Solo.

FRANCHISE - From Wired:  You won't live to see the final Star Wars movie.

ROGUE ONE - From Deadline:  "Rogue One" at $775 million in worldwide box office.

ROGUE ONE - From Deadline:  "Rogue One" is now the second highest grossing film at the domestic box office of 2016, behind "Finding Dory."


From THR:  Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, were celebrated at a jubilant memorial.

From YahooNews:  Carrie Fisher wanted Harrison Ford to sing at her Oscars' tribute.

From YahooCelebrity:  Dan Akroyd speaks about Carrie Fisher, whom he once considered marrying.

From YahooCelebrity:  Debbie Reynolds was buried with some of her daughter Carrie's ashes.

From YahooCelebrity:  Carrie Fisher's urn is a giant Prozac pill.

From YahooMovies:  There is a fan petition to make Princess Leia a "Disney Princess."

From YahooNews:  Disney could receive a $50 million dollar insurance payoff because of Carrie Fisher's death.

From YahooNews:  Mark Hamill talks about the first time he met Carrie Fisher.

From YahooNews:  Billie Lourd, the only child of actress Carrie Fisher, breaks her silence about the deaths of her mother and her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds.

From BleedingCool:  Carrie Fisher dies at the age of 60, Tuesday morning, December 27, 2016.  Carrie was, of course, best known as Princess/General Organa in the "Star Wars" film franchise.

From THR:  Debbie Reynolds, the mother of Carrie Fisher, has died at the age of 84, Wednesday, December 28, 2016, one day after the death of her daughter.

From YahooNews:  Carrie Fisher's autopsy was completed Friday morning, December 30, 2016 and her body was released to her family.

From ET:  Carrie and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, will be buried together at Forest Lawn Memorial Park after a joint funeral.

From BleedingCool:  "Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds" is a documentary about the Star Wars daughter and her Hollywood legend mother.  It's release date has been moved up to January 2017 on HBO.

From People:  "I want to be with Carrie" were Debbie Reynold's last words according to her son, Todd Fisher.

From YahooStyle:  Why she really hated the gold metal bikini in "Return of the Jedi."

From YahooNews:  Debbie Reynolds speaks about the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher - our Princess Leia.

From Variety:  Fisher reportedly finished her work on Star Wars Episode 8 before she died.

From TheWrap:  Posted a little over an hour ago, Debbie Fisher, mother of Carrie Fisher, who suffered a heart attack about a day and a half ago, says that Carrie is in "stable condition."

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