Saturday, May 16, 2020

NatGeo WILD Starts Week Dedicated to Dogs Mon., May 18th

Beginning May 18, Nat Geo WILD Is Going to the Dogs With SIT, STAY, DOGS ALL DAY Five-Day Marathon Dedicated to All Things Dog!

PLUS... Cesar Millan Returns Home to Where it All Began on Nat Geo WILD With Week-long Interstitials for Pups and Their People

Then Roll Over to Disney+ For Additional ‘Mutt-see’ Pup Programming, Including Full Seasons of Nat Geo WILD’s Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan and more!

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The past two months have been ruff, and Nat Geo WILD is reminding you to stay ‘pawsitive’ while you’re staying home. Dogs have always been our constant companions and according to the ASPCA, the number of animals out of shelters and in homes is up 70%!

    “So fetch your remote and loosen your collar for programming that highlights the important role dogs play in our lives. You’re gonna ‘pug’in love it!”

Beginning Monday, May 18, 2020, at 7AM/6c, Nat Geo WILD unleashes a weekday-long marathon of fan-favorite shows, celebrating the human-animal connection that unites us all. Settle in for five full days of Fido as the network delivers wall-to-wall programming that’s sure to inspire, entertain and ward off any ‘melan-collie.’

Cesar Millan, who became a ‘fur-miliar’ face on Nat Geo WILD nearly a decade ago, returns to headline the network’s SIT, STAY, DOGS ALL DAY programming event, providing the latest dog tips in a digestible mini-masterclass format. Topics include the following:

  •     Knowing the proper technique for leashes
  •     Creating an indoor exercise program
  •     Helping a barking dog
  •     Keeping your dog fetchingly clean
  •     Ensuring a night filled with sweet dreams for pups and people

Nat Geo WILD, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, fills its coffers with canine content from the past decade with a spotlight on Cesar’s hit shows DOG WHISPERER and CESAR 911 and current stalwarts, including THE INCREDIBLE DR. POL and DR. OAKLEY: YUKON VET. And, throughout the week, check out ‘fur’ever friendships in UNLIKELY ANIMAL FRIENDS; witness heroic actions in A DOG SAVED MY LIFE; and figure out if your pup is an Einstein in IS YOUR DOG A GENIUS?

“Every dog has its day, and we are thrilled to bring back Cesar — one of the world’s most renowned dog behavior experts — to help us showcase these furry friends for five full days,” says Janet Han Vissering, senior vice president of development and production at Nat Geo WILD. “So fetch your remote and loosen your collar for programming that highlights the important role dogs play in our lives. You’re gonna ‘pug’in love it!”

“Nat Geo WILD and I have decided to put the pack back together as the world is facing unprecedented times. I am eager to share my top tips for dogs and the people who love them, as we all navigate our new realities,” says Cesar Millan. “Dogs are an integral part of who we are and how we live our lives, and it is imperative that they are treated with respect, integrity and love. I hope these new recommendations allow viewers to connect with their dog in natural, simple and profound ways, no matter the age of the dog."

‘Fur’ additional programming sure to keep your tail wagging, check out Disney+ for Nat Geo WILD top-dog series and specials, including DOG WHISPERER WITH CESAR MILLAN, DOG: IMPOSSIBLE, WORLD’S GREATEST DOGS and HOW DOGS GOT THEIR SHAPES.

Nat Geo WILD’s full marathon line-up can be found here.

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