Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Comics Review: "GEEK-GIRL #11" Shows That the Series Keeps Getting Better


STORY: Sam Johnson
ART: Carlos Granda
COLORS: Chunlin Zhao
LETTERS: Paul McLaren
24pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (February 2023)

Rated T+ / 12+ only

Geek-Girl created by Sam Johnson

“Identity Crisis” Part 1: “I Want to Be You.”

Created by Sam Johnson, Geek-Girl is a comic book character that debuted in the 2016 Geek-Girl miniseries,  She returned in a second miniseries, 2018's Geek-Girl Vol. 2, which subsequently became an ongoing series.  Geek-Girl Vol. 2 is written by Sam Johnson; drawn by Carlos Granda; colored by Chunlin Zhao; and lettered by Paul McLaren.

Geek-Girl focuses on Ruby Kaye of Acorn Ridge, Maine, a sexy and popular college coed who inadvertently becomes a superhero.  Ruby dons a pair of super-tech eye glasses that give her super-powers.  Ruby's BFF, Summer James, then talks her into trying to be a superhero, even providing her with a moniker.  Now, Ruby is Maine's newest superhero, “Geek-Girl.”

Geek-Girl Vol. 2 #11 (“I Want to Be You.”) opens with Geek-Girl and The Minger headed to a local mall where “Pit Bull,” also known as “Maine's premier super-hero,” is getting his butt kicked.  Geek-Girl does not realize that the beat-down is being delivered by a new villain, “Identity Thief,” and she wants Geek-Girl's powers.  As they engage in a chase, Geek-Girl discovers that something very strange is happening to her – and it may mean her life.

Meanwhile, Summer is still trying to get super-powers of her own.  And what is Digger Mensch up to?

THE LOWDOWN:  Geek-Girl creator-writer Sam Johnson regularly sends me PDF review copies of the latest issues of Geek-Girl, and has been doing so for several years.  I enjoy reading about Geek-Girl and her (mis)adventures.  I like this comic book enough to believe that encouraging you to give this series a try, dear readers, is one way I can contribute something good to the comic book industry.

As I have said before, Sam is an imaginative writer and his stories, in a deceptively quiet way, are riveting.  In the mighty Marvel Comics tradition, Sam is good at creating characters that are as interesting as civilians as they are as superheroes and super-villains.  I would say that Ruby Kaye and Geek-Girl are closer to a Marvel characters such as Peter Parker/Spider-Man than she is to a Wonder Woman/Diana Prince.

Artist Carlos Granda is a more polished artist with each issue.  He brings out the nuances in Sam's character writing and captures the overall humorous tone and bent of Geek-Girl.  His clear and emotive storytelling, which really shows under Chunlin Zhao's excellent colors, welcomes the readers into this series.  Paul McLaren's lettering is sharper than ever and makes Sam's story pop.

Geek-Girl #11 epitomizes this series' charm and humanity, which are so strong that they could make shojo manga sparkles pop out around this comic book.  It's also time to kick start Geek-Girl #12 and the Fake Geek-Girl #1-Shot at “Kickstarter,” so see below for more information.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of lovable superheroes will find an all-around winner in Geek-Girl.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

Geek-Girl #11 is order via Indy Planet at https://www.indyplanet.com/geek-girl-11 or Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Geek-Girl-Vol-11-Sam-Johnson-ebook/dp/B0C6B8MTRN/ or for the deluxe issue, go to Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geekgirlcomics/geek-girl-jump-on-issue-deluxe-plus-new-and-previous-issues


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