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Comics Review: THE AMBASSADORS #2 Special Edition Second Printing


STORY: Mark Millar
ART: Karl Kerschl
COLORS: Michele Assaraskorn
LETTERS: Clem Robins
EDITORIAL: Sarah Unwin
COVER: Karl Kerschl
VARIANT COVER ARTISTS: Frank Quitely; Karl Kerschl
28pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (April 2023)

Rated M / Mature

The Ambassadors created by Mark Millar at Netflix

[This following review is mostly a re-posting of my original review of THE AMBASSADORS #2.  Following the review, however, I offer a few thoughts on the bonus material included in the “Special Edition” second printing of the comic book, which arrives in comic book shops the week of May 17, 2023.]

The Ambassadors is a new comic book miniseries written and created by Mark Millar.  The series focuses on the six people out of eight billion humans who will received super-powers.  Each will be a member of  the international rescue squad, The Ambassadors.  Each issue of The Ambassadors will be drawn by a different superstar comic book artist.  The second issue is drawn by Karl Kerschl; colored by Michele Assaraskorn and lettered by Clem Robins.

The Ambassadors #2 opens in Delhi, India.  Meet Binnu Bhatia.  He's in love with Gita Ganesh, as he keeps telling his best bud, Jai.  However, Binnu doesn't believe he has much of a chance with Gita; after all, Binnu is just a dude who works at a cell phone store.

Then tragedy strikes, and some time later, Binnu is “Codename India,” the Ambassador for India.  Suddenly, he has access to powers that billions of other people want really bad.  So, of course, it's a bit complicated with family, friends, and also Doctor Choon-He Chung, the amazing woman who is handing out super-powers.  Plus, some will pay anything for those powers...

THE LOWDOWN:  Thanks to a review copy provided by the Mark Millar division of Netflix, I got to read the first two issues The Ambassadors.  This is a treat for which I have been awaiting since the announcement of the series last year.

I think the best thing that writer Mark Millar does with The Ambassadors #2 is depict that even in a scenario of absolute power and seemingly supernatural power, control is an illusion.  What happens to Binnu Bhatia is both a dream and nightmare, to one extent or another.  He can't stop what's coming; he must simply survive it or try to.  This is how Mark is creating dramatic tension and conflict here, and this is what he is going to use to blow this up in our faces.

The artist for The Ambassadors #2 is Karl Kerschl, and his quirky style deftly conveys both the ambivalence and the menacing undertones in this chapter.  I could have read another 28 pages of Kerschl's lovely storytelling.

So, yes, The Ambassadors is fantastic.  It may well be one of the most consequential superhero team comic books well over a decade.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of Mark Millar and of big concept superhero comic books will want to read The Ambassadors.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

BONUS MATERIAL in The Ambassadors #2 Special Edition Second Printing:
[This second printing includes the eight-page section entitled “The Making of 'The Ambassadors Issue 2'.”  This section reprints Karl Kerschl's cover art and seven pages of his interior art without the coloring and lettering.  So let's be honest.  None of us are getting any Kerschl original art, so this is the best chance to see his beautiful artwork for this issue, unadorned by the series' excellent coloring and lettering.  It's gorgeous.  Kerschl can draw the f**k outta a comic book.  Yes, this “Special Edition” is worth the cover price – even if you already have the first printing.]

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